LUMEL LED Digital 3-Phase Power Network Meter with RS-485 Interface, Ethernet and Internet N14

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LUMEL LED Digital 3-Phase Power Network Meter withRS-485 Interface, Ethernet and Internet N14

The N14 meter is a programmable digital panel instrument destined for the measurement of 3-phase, 3 or 4-wire power network parameters, in balanced or unbalanced systems.

  • Measurement of power network parameters in 3 or 4-wirebalanced or unbalanced systems.
  • Tetraquadranti c measurement of power and energy (P+, P-, QL, QC).
  • Indications taking into consideration values of programmed ratios.
  • Measurement of 15-minutes mean power.
  • Digital transmission to the Master system through the RS-485 interface(MODBUS).
  • Con?gurable alarm output and current and voltage ratios.
  • Programmable parameters using pushbuttons or through theRS-485 interface using the free eCon program.
  • Impulse output of OC type for the retransmission of 3-phase activeenergy.
  • Battery support of con?guration data and state of watt -hour
  • meters at supply decays.
  • Detection and signaling of incorrect phase sequence.

  • Measured value:
    • RMS voltage and current,
    • active, reactive and apparent power,
    • active, reactive and apparent energy,
    • power factors,
    • frequency,
    • mean active power ( e.g. 15-min mean power).
  • Kind of outputs: RS-485 with MODBUS protocol
    • alarm relay
    • impulse OC
  • Communication in network:
    • RS-485 interface,
    • ETHERNET (through PD8),
    • INTERNET (through SM61)