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Let’s be different! let’s do awesome... Electroshope!

Electroshope was founded in 2017 by a group of accredited electrical, instrumentation, energy and automation engineers with an industry expertise of more than 15 years as a general online distributor of electrical, energy and automation products catering to the interest of domestic, industrial, commercial and construction customers in the middle east. The company has joined hands with so many reputed organizations globally who shares the same screen space on distributor arrangements and channel partner agreements but not limited to. As a major supplier of electrical, energy and automation products and solutions for the construction and industrial markets, Electroshope has consistently evolved with technological advancements to provide innovative solutions to our customers. Electroshope offers the full range of electrical products and services with concentrations in industrial automation, lighting, distribution and control, data communications, electro-mechanical, solar and energy solutions. Through trained staff of engineers and product specialists, the company provides value-added services that includes one of the largest inventories of top-quality, state-of-the-art products , engineering expertise, hands-on product testing and training, lighting design and application capabilities and comprehensive automation solutions.

Corporate Vision

To be the supplier of choice for electrical, energy and automation products, services, and solutions with a commitment to product and service quality.

Quality Mission

To deliver exceptional services to our customers, while maintaining the highest standards of courtesy, knowledge and ethics.Our quality process involves Customer Service, Employee Involvement, Measured Performance, and Continuous Improvement and incorporating all these into our daily work.

Customer Service

Electroshope’s goal has always been “to be the BEST in our industry by providing 100% error free service – every order shipped on time, every time, error free. This goal has not changed. Our quality efforts are aimed at achieving this goal. We want our customers to know they can rely on electroshope to deliver what they want, when they want it — the first time, every time! In other words, we are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations and keep them coming back again and again.

Employee Involvement

The quality culture at electroshope is about employee involvement. We understand the future of our company depends on every employee’s participation and dedication to customer service. Every employee is trained and empowered to be the best in servicing customer needs.

Performance Benchmark

Real Performance Measures were developed to show our progress towards error free customer service. This information, provided quarterly to our customers, is a report card on our service. These are critical indicators of the effectiveness of our quality efforts. The Real Performance evaluates the parameters like , On-Time Delivery, Price tags, Shipping Accuracy, Invoice Accuracy, Credit Note Cycle Time, Customer Satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement

We use an extensive information database, designed and developed in-house, to provide performance measures, illustrate results, and analyze our performance and best practices. This information is crucial in assessing and improving our service. To continuously improve our customer service is the challenge we’ve incorporated into our day-to-day operation. electroshope’s Quality Process has provided the foundation to achieve these goals and challenges.